Defender reporters appear on KTSU’s ‘Impact Houston Live’
Rev. Chris Johnson, Laura Onyeneho, Marcus Session, Kyra Coffey and Dona Franklin (seated). Photo by Aswad Walker.

This past weekend, Defender Education Reporter Laura Onyeneho and Associate Editor Aswad Walker appeared on KTSU’s public affairs program “Impact Houston Live,” hosted by Donna Franklin, Reverend Chris Johnson and Marcus Session.

The show kicked off with a conversation on the Defender’s inaugural HBCU Presidents Classic which was moderated by Onyeneho.

“It was a really powerful and humbling experience getting to be on stage with those two incredible HBCU presidents,” said Onyeneho. “And the love and respect that was in the room of beautiful.”

Walker agreed with Onyeneho.

“As we all know, these two schools talk a lot of noise between each other, especially when they’re about to compete in a game, but the respect the alumni of both institutions had for each other was real,” stated Walker.

The pair of Defender reporters also shared with “Impact Houston Live” listeners information about the Defender’s three channels on its website ( Black Women, Under 40 and Community Central.

Walker participated with Session and Johnson in an exclusive interview with Minister Quanell X, as the show provided the local activist with the opportunity to respond to the recent Houston Chronicle article that highlighted the $300K-plus lawsuit against Quanell X for advocacy services not rendered.

Defender reporters appear on KTSU’s ‘Impact Houston Live’
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X clarified that the recent article was a compilation of past articles, and that there was only one case outstanding against him, and it involved a case the judge refused to reschedule even though X was out of town attending his father’s funeral.

X was asked directly about his reported failure to deliver on promised advocacy services.

“I have a moral obligation to represent the truth,” said X. “However, there have been several cases where what is reported to me has not been truthful or accurate. And I cannot deliver advocacy in cases where I have been misled.”

When asked his thoughts on “Why now” regarding the Chronicle article, he shared that a group of influential politicians asked him to attend a meeting regarding a request.

“They asked me if I was willing to run for a certain political position. They said you have the name recognition. We can secure the funding for your campaign. Will you run? I told them I’m not a politician, but that I would take their suggestion and pray over it,” said X.

He said that the next day he immediately began getting calls from individuals saying they heard he was running for an office even though he never made such a statement.

“I believe the Houston Chronicle article was an absolute hit job to try to smear my name in case I were to decide to run for that political office,” said the longtime activist.

The show concluded with a discussion on Houston’s dating scene as Session and Franklin led the questions directed at Onyeneho, who has written some Defender articles on dating in Houston and Kyra Coffey a local attorney who also appeared on the popular Own Network’s dating series “Ready to Love Houston.”

To hear what Coffey and Onyeneho had to say about local dating pros and cons, as well as the entire August 27, 2022 episode of “Impact Houston Live,” visit