Darius Elam gets a Dec 7 hearing on recanted informant testimony
Darius Elam. Photo by Aswad Walker.

Darius Elam, a Chicago native who came to Houston on a TSU track scholarship in the early 80s, has been in prison for 38 years, convicted of aggravated robbery (though many speculate the real sentence he’s serving time for “unofficially” is murder). However, the real crime may be that Elam is innocent of any and all charges. At least, that’s what he has asserted since the nightmare of his arrest, charge and conviction began in 1983.

Tammie Lang Campbell (right) seen here with her daughter Shar-day Campbell during a local 2017 event. Photo by Aswad Walker.

During the decades of Elam’s imprisonment, he not been given a chance to fully voice why he refuses to give up on fighting for his freedom and exoneration. And had it not been for the work of Tammie Lang Campbell and the Honey Brown Hope Foundation, the Defender may have never heard of this case.

Hence, the Defender, which has written about this case before, visited Elam at the TDCJ’s Memorial Unit in Rosharon, TX to interview Elam one-on-one and share with our readers his words, directly from him.

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