Symone Sanders, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s former national press secretary and current CNN political analyst, was simply trying to check her baggage on Friday for a flight from Los Angeles when American Airlines, according to Sanders, called the police on her for no real reason.

“American Airlines [sic]officials literally called the police to come to the gate check area because the customer service officials were threatened,” she said in a series of tweets.

Sanders said that the problems started when she tried to check her luggage about 40 minutes before her flight.

“I don’t understand how getting to the kiosk at 11:01 prevents me from printing a luggage tag for my 11:48 flight? It’s just a luggage tag,” she tweeted.

Then Sanders, who is a frequent flyer, did not want to pay full price for the flight.

“I tell them I’m not paying full price and I just need a flight. The guy says he can’t do anything for me then pretends to call a sup [t]hen says you need to pay full price or you won’t be getting on. I loudly groan & yell ‘that’s not true!!’ Response: ‘I’m calling the police.’”

Sanders added that she was not the only one to get mad at customer service, but she was the only one to have police called on her: “Crazy thing about this is…right b4 I literally watched a man yell at customer service agents for 20 mins. No. One. Called. The. Police.”

Sanders later took to Twitter to update that corporate was “on top” of it, and vowed to make sure the airline would be held accountable. “But this isn’t over. Whether or not I’m on TV shldnt matter. I’m still a black woman who was stereotyped & they shldnt want that for anyone,” she tweeted.

“I’ll be following up with @AmericanAir corporate and their board. Too many Black woman have similar stories to tell. Not on my watch.”

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