Sunday night might have been the night of the Oscars, but it was also the fifth anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, and Ava DuVernay wasn’t about to let the Oscars overshadow that fact.

“On my way to Oscars,” she tweeted out along with a picture of herself holding up a hoodie with Trayvon’s name on it. “Taking a moment to remember Trayvon Martin. Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong. #OurSonTrayvon.”

That wasn’t the only statement that DuVernay made, either. She was also sure to make a quiet statement about the current controversy over immigration, refugees and Islamophobia with her dress choice.

“A small sign of solidarity. I chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority Muslim country. Thanks to @AshiStudio of Lebanon. #Oscars,” she tweeted alongside an image of herself in the dress itself.

This isn’t the first time that DuVernay has used fashion in order to make a political statement, as last year, she and the cast of Selma all wore shirts with the phrase “I can’t breathe” on them to the premier of the award-winning film.

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