Gabby Douglas now has her own Barbie doll.

The Olympic gold medalist had a hand in designing the new doll, giving input into the fashion choices and other detail, including ensuring that the Barbie doll is as flexible as she is.

“It looks exactly like me,” said Douglas. “It was a really fun process.”

The doll, which goes on sale Monday, is part of the Shero collection, which celebrates boundary-shattering women. To that end, Douglas hopes that she can be an inspiration as well.

“I still want to continue to inspire young girls and to tell them to strive for your goals,” she said. “If you have the passion and if you have something that you love, just really go for it 100%, with all of your heart.”

As for what Douglas is up to while she takes a small break from gymnastics, she said that she is considering acting.

“I’m really enjoying things I didn’t get to do because I was training,” she said. “Right now I’m just enjoying life and the amazing opportunities.”

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