After allegedly being involved in a fight at an LA restaurant this weekend, Jamie Foxx posted a light-hearted clip showing that he is fine.

At the beginning of the clip, he can be seen holding a cloth to his eye, and when he removed the cloth, his eye appears to be crossed … until he looks right at the camera and grins.

“I’m just f*****g with y’all, man. Everybody’s good. This is 2017; we don’t want no violence.”

He then easily transitions from speaking about violence to showing off the poster for Sleepless and telling everyone to go see it.

According to witnesses who saw the altercation, Foxx was eating with Tyrin Turner, his barber Conrad Hilton, and other friends when they were approached by another patron to ask them to be quieter. Things allegedly got heated, and witnesses claim the man said, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York.”

“F*** you, I’m from Oakland,” Foxx allegedly replied.

That’s when things reportedly became physical, as witnesses say the man lunged at Foxx. However, from there, the accounts are garbled, with some saying Foxx put the man in a headlock and others says Foxx didn’t touch him but instead had his friends deal with the problem.

You can check out the clip of Foxx below!

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