Joseline Hernandez at the Trumpet Awards.
Joseline Hernandez at the Trumpet Awards. Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Video footage of Joseline Hernandez’s Florida arrest has surfaced, and the contents of the video are alarming. 

The footage revealed that the reality television star was still on 10 when Sunrise police arrived on the scene after her brawl with Big Lex during the Floyd Mayweather/John Gotti III boxing match in June. As police approached Joseline, she made it clear that she didn’t want white cops touching her. The intense scene escalated from there. People in the room were attempting to calm the 36-year-old entertainer down. One man caught the Puerto Rican Princess’ wrath as he was trying to help control her rage. She threw her cellphone at him while she was demanding that no white cops touch her.

“I don’t want no white man touching me.”

The man responded, “No one’s gonna touch you.”

“You shut up, bitch. You motherfucka,” Joseline screamed as she chucked her celly and lunged at the man.

As police officers intervened, she pushed one cop– leading to a group of officers detaining her by throwing her on the ground to handcuff her as one female onlooker screamed “No” in the background.

Joseline yells off a tirade of curses and tells the white policemen not to touch her during the arrest. While she’s on the ground, the “Dunchacha” artist resisted attempts to be detained. Seemingly uber-aware of her Blackness, she stated, “Y’all gone kill me.”

One cop demanded Joseline to comply, saying, “Give me your fucking hand!”

She also threw a tirade of slurs. In Spanish, she told them they were all going to die. Sunrise police officers snatched her up, carrying her out of the venue, as she kicked and screamed at the white cops. A Black officer in the video tried to be a voice of reason for the Love & Hip Hop alum during the arrest. As she continued to kick the white officers, the cop asked her if she would stop kicking and walk on her own– if they stopped touching her. She said yes. The video even detailed him using his hand to distance the other officers from Joseline. 

Still enraged, Joseline doubles down, leaving the Black officer with no choice but to carry her out by force.

“I gave you a chance,” he told her. 

After a few more curse-filled tirades, Joseline assured the men that she would have their jobs. 

“You won’t have a job tomorrow. Shut up fucking talking to me motherfucker. Shut up, you white cracker.”

The video footage ended. 

Black Twitter reacted with shock about her alleged cocaine-induced rage. 

The brawl, which led to Joseline’s arrest in Sunrise, was between her and Big Lex. The Puerto Rican Princess was caught on video pummeling the reality star into oblivion. As onlookers tried to break up the fight, Joseline’s ire escalated. The cause of the altercation is still unknown.

Joseline trolled the internet and Big Lex after her release from jail. She was charged with trespassing and battery, among other charges. 

– Written by Keka Araújo via MADAMENOIRE