Steve Harvey‘s image needs some serious help, and the real-life fixer whose life spawned the idea for the show “Scandal” is the woman for the job.

Judy Smith, a crisis control expert who has worked with the likes of Monica Lewinsky, Paula Deen, Michael Vick, Clarence Thomas and Wesley Snipes, certainly has her work cut out for her with some of Harvey’s most recent missteps.

Those missteps include Harvey’s recent joke that neither black women nor white women find Asian-American men attractive, as well as a meeting with Donald Trump, who is already a divisive figure, especially in racial matters.

While Harvey has apologized for the Asian-American joke, not everyone believes that Harvey’s meeting with Trump will be as destructive for him as it was for the likes of Chrisette Michele or Kanye West. Industry vet Michael Harrison said of the situation, “It’s a mistake to assume that all African-Americans have the same political point of view,” and noted that it’s likely Harvey’s radio career won’t be impacted, since many radio shows have found success in appealing to conservative audiences.

“I don’t think anyone is panicking,” Harrison said before continuing, “I don’t think that this will necessarily hurt him.”

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