[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every few years or so, there’s a health epidemic that frightens us. First it was Zika Virus, Ebola then Swine Flu, and now, the coronavirus. Entire nations have opted to shut down due to the disease, clinically named COVID-19.

Obviously, the coronavirus is much more serious than the flu. But according to the Center For Disease Control, both illnesses have very similar symptoms. WIS News:

While the globe focuses in on the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, there are still concerns over the flu and even allergies as spring approaches. This season alone, the CDC reports at least 20,000 deaths have been attributed to influenza. Meanwhile, more coronavirus cases are being reported across the country.

Whether it’s the flu, a virus or allergies, the best steps to not being sick is prevention. But everyone doesn’t have the tools or insurance to make sure they’re at their best. These ten tips will help you survive flu/allergy/virus season on your own.


Turmeric Powder

Curcumin, a.k.a. Turmeric, is a spice that belongs to the ginger family. The strong scent and golden yellow hue speaks volumes about the spice’s super potency. With its antiviral properties, it helps to deactivate viral growth and strengthen the immune system; which is important to maintain a healthy body.

Oregano Oil Tablets

Oregano oil is a popular natural healing tool with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Whenever you feel a stuffy nose and headache coming on, grab a couple of tablets to help fight off the symptoms very quickly. They don’t call it nature’s antibiotic for nothing.


Resting is such an underrated concept in the Western world, despite the fact that we need it to function healthily. Taking time to relax, sleep and reset your body will help it fight off infection with more strength and diligence. So cut off the Netflix and catch some Zs.


The modern day immune booster is packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very efficient in preventing colds and boosting the immune system during flu season.

Washing Hands Constantly

You’d be surprised how uncommon common sense is these days. It’s very important to wash your hands often, considering the fact that bacteria and germs spread expeditiously in every moment of the day — especially before eating.


Whenever the body is ill, dehydration tends to occur. Water, water, water and more water is the key to maintaining a healthy life and preventing things like the flu from occurring or lasting long.

Neti Pot

A Lot of techniques that people deem new age is just ancient wisdom making a comeback — like the Neti pot. A Neti pot helps get rid of excess mucus and flush out the nasal passages. Addressing congestion is one of the quickest ways to heal from influenza.


Zinc is an important mineral that helps the body in many ways. If the body is deficient it Zinc, it leads to an increased chance of colds and flu, chronic fatigue and much more. Get your Zinc on.


Good bacteria is the key to a long, healthy life. When it comes to your gut, that’s the main area of the body that should be thriving with an abundance of good bacteria — 75 percent of the immune system is in your gut. Probiotics restore beneficial bacteria and boost your immune system.

Ginger & Honey

Both ginger and honey are powerful natural detoxers and healers. Ginger will help you sweat out the toxins in your body, while the honey will soothe your throat and suppress coughing. Add a little lemon and you should be back to balance in no time.

Stay healthy![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]