Who is Arist Wright?

Age: 34

Occupation: Owner, Sweat Elite Athletics; Product manager, BeePrint

Education: University of Kansas

Major: Applied Behavioral Sciences

Motto: “Just Love”

Unknown facts: “Training is mental therapy for me. I know people train to get the body they want or to look a certain way, that’s a side benefit. I love the sound of the weights, the pain, the sweat, and the smell of the gym. It gets me going. Working out teaches you discipline, and to work on self-improvement daily.”

Fitness start: “I’m actually an athlete. I’m into athletics and have played sports all my life. I call it athletics rather than fitness. I knew I was great at lifting in high school. I still have weightlifting records at my high school. In college, I was an ESPN workout warrior which spotlighted college football athletes who excelled in the weight room. At the University of Kansas, I squatted 605 pounds, my hang clean was at 405 pounds, I benched over 400 pounds and had a vertical jump of 42 inches. I kept training after college.”

Fitness advice: “Stick with it. Fight adversity. It’s a journey. As Nipsey Hussle said, ‘Stick to the script. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Build it a brick at a time.’ Focus on the self-improvement in your health, your spirit, and your body.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

1. Have a strict regimen for training and diet.
2. Get great sleep.
3. Have goals.

Social Media:

IG: @itrainwright
IG: @sweateliteathletics
IG: @thebeeprint

Nutrition: Eat healthy. Live longer.

“I eat a healthy diet of mostly salmon, turkey, lots of vegetables and fruit, no pork or beef and chicken only every blue moon.

“For breakfast I typically will eat oatmeal with almond butter, a scoop of protein, and a mango. For lunch and dinner, it’s either turkey or salmon with rice and Brussels sprouts. For snacks, I’ll have fruit, or trail mix with mostly almonds.

“My advice for people just starting on a new healthy diet is to ease into it. Make sure you drink an abundance of water for the new fiber intake from the fruits and vegetables you’re eating. It will be hard at first, but a challenge is what we all need. One slip up won’t mess up your journey. Make sure to refocus and get back on track with your new healthy diet to live longer and healthier. You can do it!”

Physical: I stick to the basics.

“I mainly stick to the basics: bench presses, squats, lunges, incline bench press, shoulder press, Romanian deadlift, Bulgarian split squats, and of course my favorite plyometrics HIIT training. For conditioning, I like to run sprints.”

Mental: I love the outdoors.

“I try to pick up many hobbies to be well rounded. I love the outdoors, fishing, shooting, riding horses, and cycling. I also enjoy reading books on self-improvement, and how to manifest what you desire. For me, staying positive gives me balance because so much negativity is fed to you on the daily. Remaining positive and sane is difficult, but I love the challenges of life.

“I’m motivated by waking up to two arms, two eyes, my legs, my heart beating, and all my organs working properly. I’m grateful and blessed to wake up daily. That motivates me the most. Lots of people don’t have what I have when they wake up and they don’t make excuses, so neither can I. Self-improvement is a huge motivator. You can always be better.”

Spiritual: Faith. Faith. Faith.

“How can you not maintain spiritual strength? The Most High put me on earth for a reason. It’s all about faith. If you don’t have that you will be lost. Keep your faith and don’t let anybody take that from you.”

Arist Wright is launching an app update with cool new features: run tracker with map, goal setter with countdown, workouts, challenges, mobility, meditation, mindset exercises, nutrition, and much more. Follow @sweateliteathletics on Instagram to learn more about it. Wright is also a product manager for @thebeeprint which specializes in UX design and software development for entrepreneurs and startups.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]