Who is Lebrina Johnson?

Age: 31

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Pure Vichy Spa Owner

Education: Cosmetology certification

Motto: “Life is self-care.”

Motivated by: “I think I’m a naturally motivated person. I’ve been motivated since I can remember, and I mean like since grade school. What I want to see in my figure is what keeps me going. I have to achieve all the goals I set out, and I never stop until I do.”

Unknown facts: “I graduated in the top 10 percentile of my high school class and was named Ms. Forest Brook.”

Fitness start: “I was a competitive cheerleader from about 8 years old until I graduated from high school. I loved being in physical shape, not just for the looks, but for the way it makes me feel. It’s also a confidence booster for me.”

Fitness goal: “My fitness goal is to be able to run at least three miles per day, five to six days a week. I have never been a long-distance runner, so that’s a huge goal for me.”

Fitness advice: “I would suggest setting goals and making a promise to yourself to complete them. You deserve to be happy and confident. Baby steps are also steps, so just start.”

Social Media: @LebrinaJ @PureVichy

I never diet.

“I would say that I’m ever on a diet. My lifestyle is consumed as a vegetarian mostly. I just can’t escape crawfish, which I guess would make me a pescatarian. Either way, I love to eat a lot of vegetables daily. My breakfast is usually a cold-pressed juice. I drink a lot of alkaline water. Snacks would be smoothies or a veggie deli sandwich. I love Soul Food Vegan. It’s a vegan restaurant located on the outskirts of downtown Houston. Everything on the menu is great there. For dinner, I usually eat some sort of soup because I eat so late.”

Physical: Yoga calms me.

“My workout regimen includes a combination of weights, strength training machines and yoga. Weights and strength training help with toning, and yoga gives me a calming sense of peace.”

Mental: Self-care is life.


“Self-care and wellness helped me to find a love for myself that I didn’t even know I had.

“I put a lot of myself into my business which is all about self-care.

“Pure Vichy is a full-service spa and salon located in the heart of River Oaks. The spa offers an array of luxury treatments including stress melting massage techniques, corrective skin care, services infused with CBD, body contouring, waxing, natural hair care and much more. Since the onset of COVID-19 the location has been closed in compliance with the executive orders issued by the government. On May 8, Pure Vichy opened offering limited treatments, and implementing the safety precautions provided by the CDC and other entities.

“During this challenging time, we are also offering virtual facials as well as a self-care IG Live ministry to provide guests with tools for self-care and skin care routines at home.”

Spiritual: Prayer and reflection keep me balanced.

“Balance in my life comes from prayer and reflection. I love to stay grounded to protect myself from being off balance.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]