Who is Ronnie Amadi?

Age: 38

Occupation: IT Project Manager

Education: University of Kansas

Major: Economics

Motto: “Have faith in whatever you do. God has you.”

Unknown facts: “I have a twin brother.”

Fitness start: “I’ve always played sports. It progressed from there.”

Fitness goal: “My top fitness goals are to compete in the NPC Men’s Physique, and run a 4.29 second 40-yard dash, just to name a few.”

Fitness advice: “Fitness is like building a house. Success does not come overnight. Trust the process and grind.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

1. Don’t skip breakfast.
2. Eat the right foods and portions each meal.
3. Work out [resistance training] 3-4 days per week. Cardio can be done on the days you don’t work out.
4. Bonus: Drink plenty of water.

Social Media:

IG: Bodybyamadi_

Nutrition: Eating clean helps me maintain a healthy weight.

“Eating clean and staying physically active helps to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It helps me keep up with the demands of life and be there for the people who depend on me.

“For those who are just starting on a clean diet, I would suggest starting out slow. Eat clean four or five days out of the week but stay away from fast food. If you are going to eat bad, pick the weekend during lunch time. I suggest this because you are more active at this time and more likely to burn it off. If you’re not used to eating veggies, try blending them with water and add a little honey.”

Ronnie’s Daily Meals:

Breakfast: eggs/oatmeal, avocados
Breakfast snack: protein shake
Lunch: chicken breast/rice/avocados
Lunch snack: protein shake/apple
Dinner: steak/veggies
Before bed: protein shake

Physical: I mix it up.

“My most effective fitness activities include weight training, flag football, basketball and track.”

Mental: I balance with meditation and structure.

“My discipline and structure come from being a former athlete. I’ve learned when you fall down, get back up, but learn from your mistakes.

“Also, my two-year-old son is the reason I work so hard. I want to be able to provide a better future for him where he won’t have to work for anyone.”

Spiritual: I read my bible.

“Meditations can come from praying and talking to God. I usually perform this when I wake up at 5 a.m. I am usually in a state of gratitude. I thank Him for what He’s doing in my life and express what I want in my life. I see myself already achieving it and know I come from Him … which is greatness. I usually take 5-15 minutes. Some days, I will listen to motivational speeches. I close my eyes and listen to each word. It gets me going and lifts my spirits.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]