Who is Tia Alexander?

Age: 44

Occupation: Health & Wellness Coach – Grace & Grit Fitness, LLC

Education: Texas Southern University | National Academy of Sports Medicine

Major: MBA | Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist

Motto: ‘It’s possible.’

“Inspirational motivational speaker Les Brown encourages us to hold the conviction ‘It’s possible.’ Just this small seed of hope planted in our brains can result in the manifestation of our greatest dreams. I take this approach in life.”

Unknown facts: “I played college basketball at Texas Southern University and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc – Delta Gamma Chapter, TSU.”

Fitness start: “I have always been an athlete. Sports, especially basketball, reeled me in as a teen and gave me focus through college. When my body is cared for and balanced, this carries over into all the other aspects of my life and produces amazing results. I just want to share this with the world.”

Fitness goal: As I approach 45 this year, my goal is to increase muscle mass and definition through consistent strength training. More muscle will not only improve my physique, but it will allow me to consume more calories and help to combat the natural deterioration of muscle that happens as we age.”

Fitness advice: “Start moving today! Put on your blinders and do not worry about anyone’s journey but your own. Find a coach, workout buddy, friend or family member who will support you and hold you accountable.”

Social Media:

IG: @tiagraceandgrit | @gracegritfitness
FB: @TiaGrace-Grit | @gracegritfitness

Nutrition: I prefer a plant-based diet.

“Nearly 70% of my current diet is plant-based and includes fruits, vegetables and legumes. I may one day crossover to vegetarian but for now, I still occasionally enjoy seafood and, on rare occasions, chicken.

“Every three months or so, I like to do what I call a raw reset. For three or more days, I consume fruits and raw vegetables only.”

Physical: I do cardio daily.

“Time is a premium these days. If I don’t get in anything else for the day, I will get in at least thirty minutes of cardio. I enjoy running, biking and HIIT classes. I also know how easily just five minutes of activity can add up in a day. So, you will find me jumping in quickly with my clients during their workout or I may just do a quick 15-minute strength set.

“When I have more time available, I live for heavy weights, flipping tires and otherwise just challenging my body.

“Regarding COVID-19, it has brought me the blessing of increased business. My virtual training offering through Camp Gladiator and one-on-one personal training help meet people’s needs.

“The biggest obstacle I have faced with COVID-19 is having my 4-year-old son out of school and with me each day. Pre-COVID, I used the afternoon for my own workout regimen. Now, it is much more of a challenge. I make the most of it knowing if I can still make it work then I will have a roadmap to share with others facing the same challenge.

“These days, I have my share of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. workouts.”


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Today we’ll be talking about all things PLANKS‼️ Planks are a simple body weight exercise but arguably one of the hardest since it not only engages your core but your posterior chain (all of your backside) as well, for a total body workout ???????? But, in order to be effective all of these muscle groups must work together in order to execute a perfect plank; fully activating all muscle groups at once with flawless FORM ???????? Here are some form ✅DO’s & ❌DONT’S that will help you get the best results: ✅DO focus on your breathing (inhale through your nose for 2 counts & out through your mouth for 4 counts). ❌DON’T arch your back or let your hips sag, this forces all of your weight on your arms & toes. You won’t last long. ✅DO actively engage your core, pulling your belly button inward. ❌DON’T lift your butt in the air, (unless you’re doing yoga) this does not engage your core. ✅DO try different variations of planks to train your core in different areas. ❌DON’T let your head hang. This pulls your spine out of alignment & overstretches the neck, shoulder & back muscles, inevitably causing unnecessary pain. ✅DO take interval breaks & reset as needed. Your ideal body position is head, hips & heels in line with your back straight & head in a neutral position ????????

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Mental: I recognize failure is part of success.

“When I wake up each morning, I am excited by the opportunities of the day. My goal is at the end of each day to lay my head down with the peace of knowing I made my best effort to be the best version of myself that day. In my 20s, I was so terribly hard on myself and unforgiving of failure. Now in my 40s, I understand failure is a necessary requirement of success. These days when I totally miss the mark, I take a second to learn the lesson and then remind myself of all the times God’s Grace provided unearned and unexpected success.

“Regarding balance, I must admit maintaining balance is one of the biggest challenges I face. I am naturally driven and have always managed several responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, wife, and mom, I must be very deliberate with my time and approach each day with a plan. As a base, I remind myself to take the time to ensure I have healthy food options for the day and time carved out for my physical wellness before all other commitments. If I don’t, I know I will be working from a point of deficiency and it will reflect in what I produce and put out into the world.”

Spiritual: I know God’s grace is sufficient.

“I chose the name ‘Grace & Grit’ for my business because my philosophy in life is if I can just keep moving and trusting in God, then his Grace is sufficient for all of my needs. I work to maintain my spiritual strength by listening to positive messages often. My favorites are Joyce Myers, Les Brown and Dr. Dharius Daniels, just to name a few. My church, Jones Memorial United Methodist Church and Pastor Kenneth Levingston have been a foundation for me. I love how Pastor Levingston challenges us to continue to grow in our spiritual maturity.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]