Who is Karinn Chavarria?

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Education: University of Houston

Major: Journalism

Motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Unknown facts:

  • I was a competitive swimmer since I was a little girl!
  • I am a Veteran – I served 6 years in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

Fitness start: “I decided to join the military after high school and I was the worst and slowest runner. I knew I had to get in shape and fix that, so I made fitness a lifestyle and part of my everyday routine.”

Fitness advice: “I would encourage those who are just starting out to develop your WHY. Why are you trying to accomplish this goal? Is it for your health, your children, regaining confidence, getting revenge (hey- that’s a real thing!)? Your “why” will help motivate you and keep you on track.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Start a daily journal of what you’re consuming (I recommend MyFitnessPal). Do this for a couple of weeks to a month, think about it as doing your monthly budgeting report but for your body! This will help you understand your habits and what you’re consuming so that the next steps are a bit easier.
  • Exercise daily. It is so important to get movement in daily, especially if you work a sedentary job. I’m not saying you need to strength train 7 days a week, but make sure you get some moderate physical activity on the regular.
  • Understand that it takes time. Your results will not come overnight and it will take time, patience, and practice but it is oh, SO worth it in the end. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Social Media:

IG: @feedthecurves

Nutrition: I discovered the beauty of counting your macros (macronutrients).

“If you’re like me, you might have gained some quarantine weight and perhaps adopted poor eating habits during that stressful time. Since then, I discovered the beauty of counting your macros (macronutrients). Essentially, you’re keeping track of your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake to reach certain macronutrient and calorie goals that are specific to your needs. It’s great because you can still enjoy the foods you like in moderation without having to feel super restricted with your food. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to make conscious and healthy choices but it is by far my most favorite “diet” or eating regimen I have tried so far.”

A typical breakfast consists of an omelette that is full of nutrient-rich vegetables accompanied with some berries and toast. For lunch, I love a good homemade spicy shrimp taco bowl – grilled spicy shrimp served on brown rice, paired with charred corn, black beans, and bell peppers. I make a nice avocado and lime crema (avocado, lime juice, plain greek yogurt, and cilantro) to serve on top of the shrimp. Dinner looks like cajun salmon, brocollini, and mashed sweet potato. My favorite healthy snacks are protein shakes, cottage cheese with fruit, and greek yogurt.”

“My best advice for someone who has a goal to eat better is to understand what you are feeding your body. There’s a free app called MyFitnessPal where you can log your meals. Try doing this for a few weeks and you’ll get a good idea of what you’re taking in. It can be an eye-opener. Also, try not to drink your calories (Starbucks, alcohol, sodas) and understand that sugar is the culprit of many cravings and addictions.”

Physical: For women, I would say that not lifting weights is a mistake.

“The most effective fitness activity for me personally, is lifting weights. Strength-training, HIIT, and athletic performance-training style workouts are my favorite. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, I recommend finding something you love and that’s through trial and error. Simply sign up for classes that interest you whether it’s yoga, boxing, pilates, and so forth. You’re bound to find what works for you and makes you feel great.”

“For women, I would say that not lifting weights is a mistake. There’s a common myth that weights make you “bulky” (as if that’s a bad thing) and that’s far from the truth. Training with weights helps with weight loss, helps improve bone density, and helps improve mobility and flexibility. Then generally speaking, not staying consistent with a workout plan doesn’t help.”

“My top personal fitness goal is to lose the ‘Quarantine Fifteen’.”

“If you’re just starting out, make it a point to try a variety of types of workouts. What works for others might not work for you so switch it up and have fun!”

Mental: Balance is essential to your quality of life.

“Balance is essential to your quality of life so I personally make time for what I want to prioritize. Creating a to-do list is extremely helpful. What’s important to me at this point in life is: nurturing my relationship, staying physically fit, and performing well at work and on my personal projects/side hustles.”

“The key to creating the balance is to also set a schedule and boundaries. The early mornings are reserved for my workouts. That’s an hour of solitude that makes you feel empowered and it’s very important to get that alone time if you live a busy life.”

“There’s nothing more gratifying than setting a goal for yourself and reaching it, so for me, it’s the end result of whatever I’m trying to accomplish. When speaking about fitness, it’s knowing how much more happier and confident I will be once I achieve that goal.”

Spiritual: I often speak to God and it’s when I’m alone with my thoughts.

“I often speak to God and it’s when I’m alone with my thoughts. I know that He has His hand on my life and he strengthens me. Along with prayer, meditation and practicing mindfulness aids in spiritual strength.”

Recipe From Karinn: Delicious Vegan Chocolate Nut Butter Shake