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What are you supposed to do when your partner is a snoring machine? And how are you supposed to survive if that snoring machine loves to cuddle up right next to you, with his face right in the nook of your neck? You don’t want to sleep in separate rooms because you love to snuggle too! And sleeping together helps maintain intimacy. You look forward to saying goodnight to each other and waking up to one another. Or maybe we don’t need to romanticize this and say you just don’t have a second bedroom to move to. Whatever the reason, you’re stuck sleeping next to this lumber yard who calls himself a person and you can’t get any rest. Fortunately, there are solutions to his (and your) problem—so long as your partner is willing to try them. Here are ways to stop your partner from snoring so you can finally sleep.

A salt water rinse

A salt water rinse—through the nose—can work wonders when it comes to opening the air passages, and keeping them open. Give your partner one of these before he goes to bed and its effects should last for hours.

Get him to quit smoking

Smoking can intensify throat muscle relaxation, which can increase snoring. If your partner is a smoker, there are plenty of reasons he should quit the nasty habit, but the fact that he is interfering with your sleep can be added to that list.

A full-length body pillow

Back sleeping makes snoring so much worse, but people often sleep on their backs simply because sleeping on their sides causes them hip and knee pain. A full-length pillow can fix that.

Dust regularly

Dust in the air could be the cause of your partner’s snoring. When was the last time you ran a duster over that ceiling fan? Or those shelves next to the bed?

Restrict alcohol

While alcohol can relax your brain and body, it can relax one other thing: your throat muscles. That’s not something your partner can afford to have happen if he has a snoring problem. Cut your honey off from hooch a few hours before bed.

Nasal Strips

While they may not be the most glamorous of solutions, if you’re comfortable with one another, then your partner should be willing to slap on a nasal strip to help you sleep.

A hot shower

Hot water can help open up your partner’s airways, too. If he isn’t taking to the idea, you can always draw a hot, sexy bath for two to get him into those healing vapors.

Saline nasal spray

Saline nasal spray can keep your partner’s nasal passages moisturized, preventing the dryness that can lead to snoring.

Add a humidifier

Extra dry air will make snoring much worse. If you live in a dry climate consider adding a humidifier to your room.

A snore guard

A snore guard goes in the mouth and repositions the jaw to open the throat more and allow for better breathing. Again, if you and your honey are comfortable around each other, he should be okay with wearing one.

Look into sleep apnea

It’s quite possible that your partner has sleep apnea, a serious condition that can lead to other health issues. If these other remedies do not help, take him to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. There are implants and procedures that can treat the issue.

Get an adjustable mattress

Simply propping your partner up can open his airways, so look into an adjustable mattress. Divided mattresses that allow both sides to independently control the angle are best, so you can both be comfortable.

Give him water

Staying hydrated is very important when it comes to combating snoring. Being hydrated keeps everything moist—from your skin to your throat to your nasal passageways—so keep an eye on your partner’s H2O intake.

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