If you’re one of those couples who just can’t keep their hands off of each other, even after years together, well, first of all, good for you! Second, the post-pregnancy months may be a little challenging for you. You may not be able to do it safely, as often as you want, in as many positions as you want (with as many toys and edible items as you want) as you did before pregnancy. That doesn’t mean your days of being that couple everybody loves to hate for loving each other so much are over. It just means you need to take some precautions. After all, you did just push a mini human out of your lady parts. That is probably the craziest thing those parts have ever done, so give them some time to recover. Here’s what nobody tells you about sex after pregnancy.

You’ll need more lube than usual

It’s probably been a while since you had sex, and you know what happens when it’s been a while—you get tight down there! Also, bear in mind that your muscles down there will be sore for a while after delivery, so your partner needs to get them nice and relaxed with foreplay. More foreplay than usual.

No. Seriously

Breastfeeding can deplete your body of its natural lubrication down south, so you need the store-bought stuff more than ever.

You may be more prone to queefing

Some women experience increased queefing in the months after delivery. Who is to say why. Maybe leftover air from a shrinking uterus? (That’s not true; that is not science).

And new or increased squirting

Here is another phenomenon some women report; new or increased squirting post-pregnancy. Maybe it’s just your vagina’s memory of pushing something else out recently…

You’ll worry about your stitches

If you had to be stitched back up after delivery, it’s hard not to worry about those stitches ripping open the first time you have sex again. And the next ten times after that. But if you waited the amount of time your doctor told you, that shouldn’t happen.

You can get pregnant!

Yup! You can absolutely become pregnant even while you’re lactating for your newborn infant. So you do need to go back on the pill/use condoms/renew your IUD prescription.

Your road to O may change

Some women say that, after giving birth, they require different techniques to orgasm. Those who used to be all about intercourse might be all about oral now, and visa versa.

You might lactate on your partner

It’s true; something about the relaxation that happens during sex can cause your nipples to make a little milk while your partner’s face is on them. Whoops.

You won’t want your breasts touched

Most women don’t even want their breasts touched after giving birth. They see their breasts as little milk factories now, and not as sexual objects.

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