United Health Partners (UHP), an organization that provides health and wellness services to Houston communities in the Northwest part of Houston, is launching a HPV vaccine campaign to prevent cancer. The non-profit will offer free HPV vaccines to young teens at its low-cost medical clinic located at 6846 Antoine Dr. Houston, TX 77091.

“The HPV vaccination is the best way to prevent cancers caused by human papillomavirus infection,” said Bernice Koko, Founder and Director of United Health Partners. “It is important for our community to be well-informed about HPV and how to prevent it. United Health Partners is making it easy for the Northwest Houston community to have access to long lasting protection against HPV cancers.”

In addition to the HPV vaccine, UHP also offers free mobile health services at the homes or community meeting places of those who seek its services. UHP and its Disease Prevention Camp provide immunizations for children starting from infants up to the age of 18. UHP’s services include state benefit eligibility screenings, wellness education, and health screenings.The organization also operates two clinics in Africa.

UHP invites the community to take advantage of its HPV vaccines and free mobile health services. For more information, please email hw@unitedhealthpartners.org, visit www.unitedhealthpartners.org and like its Facebook page.

About United Health Partners:
United Health Partners, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded by Bernice Koko, is dedicated to healthy living. The non-profit’s mission is to provide health and wellness services free or at a low cost to people in need.  By providing assistance, compassionate support, community empowerment and competent health and wellness services, United Health Partners strives to improve and maintain the health of all Houstonians in need including refugees/immigrants and seniors.

For more information about United Health Partners, please visit www.unitedhealthpartners.organd like us on Facebook.

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