FILE - Trevor Noah appears at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on March 14, 2021. Noah will host the 64th annual Grammy Awards on April 3. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)
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Trevor Noah bid an emotional farewell to “The Daily Show,” which he has hosted since 2015, on Thursday. During the emotional sendoff, the comedian gave “a special shout-out to Black women.”

“I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas. People say, ‘Oh Trevor, you’re so smart.’ I’m like, ‘Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think shaped me, nourished me and formed me?'” he said. “From my mom, my grand[mom], my aunt, all these Black women in my life, but in America as well.”

He said people who want to learn about America should “talk to Black women because, unlike everybody else, Black women can’t afford to f— around and find out.”

He named writers and professors Roxane Gay, Tressie McMillan Cottom as well as activists Zoé Samudzi and Tarana Burke, calling them brilliant and thanking them for educating him. 

“Black people understand how hard it is when things go bad, especially in America … When things go bad, Black people know that it’s worse for them,” he said. 

“Do yourself a favor, if you truly want to know what to do or how to do it? Or maybe the best way or the most equitable way? Talk to Black women — they’re a lot of the reason why I’m here and so I’m grateful to them,” he said. “I’m grateful to every single one of you.”

The host also reflected on when he first took over for longtime host Jon Stewart, and it was hard to fill the in-studio audience. “There were empty seats and then I look at this now, I don’t take it for granted ever,” he told the crowd. 

He not only thanked the viewers, but also “everyone who’s had an opinion,” even critics. 

“I wanna say I appreciate those people,” Noah said. “Even the people who hate-watch, you still pulled up the ratings so thank you, I’m eternally grateful to you.”

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