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Deuces! After a love affair gone wrong, you may just want to be alone for a long while. Sometimes, it is best to just chill out and dive into the self-love ocean before fishing for a new affair. If the ending of your romance has you down – try these 10 tips that will get you back to where you need to be.

No couples allowed: Vacation solo

Skip the whole couples thing and just hit a super fly spot all alone. Although it sounds a bit scary, you may actually enjoy the beach without your ex-nagging you.

Swear off dating for a while

You know what – just chill for a second. After a heartbreak, we often find another person to fill in the blanks. The best bet when emotions are high is to just take a breather. Leave the bad boys alone for a second and regroup.

Write a book or script

Were there a lot of fights and dramatic showdowns in your last relationship? Get your creative game on and pen the scenes just like you remember them. Even if your story isn’t in the marketplace, at least you have something to reflect back on. Get your feelings out creatively and in a healthy manner.

Visit a spiritual location

If you are religious – visit a neighboring church or just find a spiritual space where you can connect with a higher power. Sometimes all we have is our faith when we are going through a separation. Pray for peace. Pray for a solid and sound direction.

Kickbox like crazy!

Yes, Yoga is great for all of the stress. However, you may need to turn up and get your anger out. Versus the downward dog – tie up your gloves and punch away. Imagine the boxing bag is your ex. Let him have it. Don’t forget the impactful kicks too.

Take yourself out on a date

Screw your contacts. After a breakup, take your own self out on a date. Eat whatever you want – and don’t forget the dessert. If your partner was shrewd, find a place where his pockets could never afford. Break free from the frugal patterns and just live for a second!

Buy a cute pet

Sometimes all you need in your life is a little furry animal to swoon over. After a breakup, the drilling questions from your family and friends can be a burden. If allowed at your place and you’re all for responsibility – buy a pet. There is nothing like chatting your problems away to your dog or cat. At least you know after the tears that they will want to cuddle.

Don’t show up with your wedding dress on

OK, if you want to date here or there after a breakup – just keep things cool. Don’t rush into love or show up with your wedding dress on to the first date. Just enjoy the innocent conversations with your new ‘friend.’ Keep it classy.

Hop off social media

When we are going through a breakup it is hard to see pics of your ex. All the photos of your bae-cations and holidays will send you into a frenzy. Look through your camera phone and back up all of those images to an ex-files on your hard drive – so you don’t stumble on them. Also, unfriend your ex from all of your social media accounts so you aren’t tempted to peek on their activities. What you see may hurt you.

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