All new moms make the mistake of doting so closely over their baby that they completely neglect their own wellness. Can you blame them? They’re responsible for a little life that has no idea how to take care of itself and loves to put everything in its mouth whenever possible. You’re bound to let self-care fall by the wayside as a new mom, but the important thing is that you pick it back up. You obviously won’t be attending daily spin classes or making juice with your loud blender day and night like you used to, but there are still ways that, as a new mother, you can prevent yourself from becoming sick, sluggish and out of shape. Here are ways new moms can stay healthy, and still have more than enough time for their babies.

Let them watch TV

If you limit how much television your children watch, then that’s all that matters. Feel free to allow them 15 minutes a day, because that can be when you get 15 minutes to do absolutely nothing.


You probably don’t realize how much running around you do between unloading laundry, cleaning dishes, and following your curious child down the hallway. You’re likely dehydrated and don’t know it.

Take walks with baby

You don’t have to choose between exercising and spending time with your baby. Put on your running shoes and take your baby out for a power walk in the stroller. She’ll love all the sights, and you’ll get to burn calories.

Get on the jungle gym

Have you gotten on a jungle gym lately? Those things are no joke. If you have children who are big enough to go to the park, climb those ladders and maneuver those rope swings with them. You’ll feel the burn.

Prepare your snacks with baby’s

You already take the time to prepare read-to-go snacks for your baby. While you’re in the pantry, grab some nuts and dried fruit and prepare snacks for yourself, too. You need to keep your blood sugar stable if you’re going to avoid a crash.

Make your own baby food

It’s healthier, anyways! And it gives you a chance to keep healthy ingredients on hand that you should eat too, like carrots and bananas. You can snack on some while you puree the rest.

Get serious about meal prep

If you’re already getting out the cutting board, the salad drainer, and the big pot, cut more, drain more, and boil more. You can usually make three or four times as much food as you had planned without adding much time to your actual cooking time. That way, you can freeze several nights’ worth of dinners.

Opt for sleep instead of social media

You may think that hour of scrolling through social media or reading a book before bed relaxes you, but what would really relax you is just going to sleep earlier. Your body will thank you in the morning—it won’t be wondering how the Netflix show ended.

Adore your baby

Make sure you take the time to adore that little bundle who you run around for all day! Take 10 minutes to just look into your baby’s eyes, speak to her in “motherese,” and marvel at her. You’ll get a burst of happy hormones.

For goodness sake, eat breakfast

It’s so easy to say, “I’ll have breakfast as soon as I…” but then there is always one more thing, and before you know it, it’s noon. You could get more done by noon if you just took 15 minutes to eat breakfast, first thing in the morning. You’ll see a huge change in energy.

Schedule adults-only nights

Pull out calendars, email people early, lock down your favorite babysitter ahead of time and schedule adults-only nights. You need one night a month with your girlfriends and some cocktails.

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