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The online dating industry has had an interesting run so far. At first, the age 18-35 demographic would barely touch it, and it was more of a haven for people in their 40s and over, particularly for divorcees. That makes sense, since that age group doesn’t typically have the same opportunities to meet people of common interests that the younger group does (college classes, a work setting, the happy hour scene etc.)

But eventually, millennials took over the online dating world and — as millennials do —made related apps quicker, sexier, and more intuitive. Now the 18 to 35 age group has to teach the 40 and up age group how to swipe on Tinder.

But should we have taken to online dating so strongly? Or is it more of a curse than a blessing? Here’s how your life will change when you stop online dating.

You’ll become so honest

You won’t have a choice because you won’t have the safety of a computer or phone screen to say whatever you want, and manipulate the truth. If you tell a man to his face that you “LOVE sailing” he’ll know instantly if you’re lying because your face isn’t as good at lying as your keyboard is.

You’ll go on fewer dates

How many online dates have you gone on, in which you realized instantly you didn’t like the guy’s vibe? And wished you could just go home? But he got you on that initial date because he was good online. If you only meet men offline, then you can pick up on their vibe before agreeing to a two-hour dinner. You’ll probably go on fewer but better dates.

You’ll have to improve your social skills

When you look solely to online dating for your interactions, you can wind up thinking, “I don’t need to be ‘on’ or charming” when you’re out and about. You save all of your good social skills for when those online dates become real dates. But now, you don’t have online dating to rely on — you could meet anyone at any time so you’d better perk up!

You’ll meet more assertive men

Online dating is both good and bad for men who are shy, lazy about dating, don’t really want to work hard for a relationship and so on. They aren’t the types to approach someone at a bar, and now they don’t have to be. But honestly, it’s the men who are willing to make those human-to-human interactions who typically are willing to make the most effort in relationships.

You’ll have to check your ego

If you’re being honest, you looked forward to opening your dating apps, and seeing all of the men who messaged you to tell you how gorgeous you are. And you do look good in your photos. Now you don’t get to have that ego boost whenever you want. You need to learn to feel good about yourself without it.

You’ll truly meet people with common interests

When it’s time to list your interests on your online dating profile, you list a lot of things you’re technically interested in — but have never really done or engaged in. Everybody does that! So you end up on dates with guys you actually have little in common with. Now that you’re dating offline, you’ll spend more time doing things you truly love, and you’ll meet men who also truly love those activities.

You’ll become a more efficient worker

You know you waste too much time looking at your online dating accounts when you should be getting work done. You may actually get to leave by 5 pm now that you aren’t wasting an hour a day responding to messages.

Your friendships will improve

When you went out for drinks with girlfriends before, you were half invested in the conversation, and half wondering when the next appropriate time would be to check your online dating messages.

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