In a newly released report, details of how one hate group is using a website to cyber-bully millions of citizens living the American dream and realizing Dr. King’s has emerged. This site is dedicated specifically to document and harass interracial couples, taunting them and exposing details of their personal lives for racists to see.

The VICE report explains that white supremacists have created a site that “names, shames, and effectively promotes violence against interracial couples and families.”

While the site, which we will not disclose, explains that it does not condone violence but goes on to label white women as “traitors.” The loophole comes subversively, with visitors to the site often encouraging violence toward them and editorial that points to racially-inspired abuse.

It actually has an entire section called “toll paid.” This area is a list of white women who have dated Black men and have experienced violence, injury, murder as a result. The aim is not explicitly stated, but its mere presence serves as a wicked warning to those who date outside of their race.

The sickening details are explained through the story of one woman whose name was changed to protect her identity. She explains to VICE that she kept receiving disturbing direct messages and comments on her Instagram page where she and her African American partner often shared photos sometimes using the hashtag #interraciallove.

According to the VICE report, about a quarter of the approximately 80 women targeted by the site as “traitors” were already internet-famous as models or influencers. The rest of the women on the site are regular people who are submitted by users: teachers, food service workers, and more can be uploaded to the site by anyone.

Experts have said that the site is exposing itself to liability if something happens to anyone who has been added to the site. Further, because they accept random submissions, it is possible that people can hide behind fake names.

“They could very well find themselves subject to prosecution,” said Subodh Chandra, a former federal prosecutor, “should anyone be harassed or otherwise harmed as a result of this activity.”

A Danish model, who was previously married to a Black man, was added to the site but was unfazed by being targeted. “When we were still together, I would get messages almost daily,” Zienna Sonne said. “Unfortunately we live in a world where this is normal.”

According to the US Census, more 10% of married couples in this country are interracial.

-The Grio