“I want to grow old with you”—it’s a phrase we hear in love songs, poems, letters and novels throughout our lives. When we first hear it, we think, “I don’t want to ever get old at all so, why does it matter with whom I do it?” But the truth is you’ll be very lucky if you do get to grow old because that means you get more time on this earth to try the things you want to try. Furthermore, if you’re very lucky, you can find someone who makes the lows not so low, the highs even higher, and the mundane moments actually rather fun. You’ll be wrinkly one day, so you may as well be wrinkly with somebody who makes you laugh and smile. Here are signs you’re going to grow old together and love it.

You can be broke together

You can be (and have been) totally broke together and it didn’t affect your happiness level at all. You are so happy together that things like fancy vacations and expensive meals are barely cherries on top of what’s already an incredible sundae.

You have fun at the pharmacy

You somehow find yourselves riffing and having a great time picking out toilet paper and dish soap. Chores don’t really feel like chores when you’re together.

You call each other several times a day

You love to stay connected; you want your partner’s input on what’s happening in your life, and you want to feel like you’re with him even when you’re not.

Sex; you can take it or leave it (but it’s fun when it happens!)

If you can’t have sex for a while due to scheduling conflicts, it doesn’t affect how emotionally connected you feel in the slightest. That being said, when you do have sex, it never gets old or stops being a total blast.

You laugh together a lot

If you could put together a montage of quintessential moments in your relationship, you’d probably be laughing in all of them.

Home isn’t home without him

Your apartment doesn’t really feel like home when your partner is away—it just feels like some generic space. On the flip side, a motel room can feel like home when you’re together.

There is nothing they don’t know (even the ugly stuff)

They know the people of whom you’re jealous, they know your most self-loathing thoughts, and they know that you can be a bit mean sometimes. And you are not embarrassed that they know this.

You feel more adventurous together

When you’re together, you have more energy and curiosity than when you’re apart. It feels like anything is possible when you’re together, and you feel inspired to try new things.

You genuinely like the same people

You genuinely adore his friends, and he genuinely adores yours. That will make growing old together a lot of fun because you’ll have an active social life!

You say some weird stuff around each other

If somebody recorded some of the things you say around each other and played them back to you, you’d be pretty confused. But you have your own language, and when you speak it, nothing sounds weird.

You rarely fight

Fights are bound to happen, but you can’t grow old with somebody if you fight with them every day. If you rarely fight, that’s a good sign you can do this whole thing called life together.

When you fight, it’s over quickly

The times you do fight, the fights end quickly. What you both want, above all else, is to get back to getting along so you can keep on partying. Pride and the need to “be right” takes a back seat.

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