Dr. Abdul Haleem (Robert) Muhammad, Student Regional Minister, Muhammad Mosque No.45.
Dr. Abdul Haleem (Robert) Muhammad, Student Regional Minister, Muhammad Mosque No.45. Photo by Aswad Walker.

As I’ve said before, echoing the words and research of some of the greatest Africana scholars (and hence, the greatest scholars, period), darn near all the world’s major religions trace their roots back to Black people; back to Africa.

So Black Christians, please chill on that “damning all folk who don’t believe like you to hell” simply because they call the Creator Shango, Oludumare or Allah. And that’s coming from me, a Christian minister.

I dare say, God is bigger than any one faith system, any one denomination and any one name we humans place upon the Great I AM. For, as the “Father of Black Liberation Theology,” the late and Honorable Reverend Albert B. Cleage Jr., said, “As Black people, we can practice almost any faith system and be confident that our ancestors practiced likewise.”

That said, here are five Houston-area mosques/masjids attended by our sisters and brothers who practice Islam. If I left any off, or mislabeled any, please excuse my error and send in info so we can make this the most accurate list possible.

Houston Masjid Al Islam.
Houston Masjid Al Islam. Credit, Kirk Jackson

Houston Masjid of Al-Islam

6641 Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77087
(713) 649-7789

Masjid Al-Muhaiman.
Masjid Al-Muhaiman. Credit Shaik Afzal.

Masjid Al-Muhaiman

3103 Cleburne St, Houston, TX 77004

Muhammad Mosque No 45.
Muhammad Mosque No 45. Credit, Final Call.

Muhammad Mosque No.45

4443 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77021
(713) 741-2747

SHAPE Community Center
SHAPE Community Center, meeting place of the Lost Found Nation of Islam Houston. Courtesy SHAPE.org.

Lost Found Nation of Islam Houston

3815 Live Oak St, Houston, TX 77004
(832) 331-7863

Mercy Community Center Masjid Al-Qur'an
Mercy Community Center Masjid Al-Qur’an. Credit, Mercy Community Center Masjid Al-Qur’an Facebook.

Mercy Community Center – Masjid

5922 Hillcroft St # C, Houston, TX 77036
(713) 780-2880

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