In this week’s Defender

Teachers are constantly at risk during COVID yet they are committed to teaching our children. We cannot ignore their mental health. Take a look at this week’s centerfold by Associate Editor Aswad Walker as he breaks down these multiple challenges.

The University of Texas is being condemned by politicians, community leaders, and current students for making the decision to keep their song “The Eyes of Texas”. Does this song have a racist history, do you think it should be removed? Read the details of this fight and what Texas leaders like Rep. Ron Reynolds, Vice-Chair of the Texas Black Caucus, have to say about the subject.

This week Fit and Fine features the tenacious Micah Grigsby. This extremely focused fitness fanatic who believes that it is essential to plan ahead but live in the moment, has a story that you will not want to miss. Read more about Micah online at .

This week the Defender Spotlight is shining bright on filmmaker, artist, and change agent Julian B. Kane. Learn more about this impactful millennial in this week’s edition.

University of Texas Charli Collier is ready for the jump to the WNBA. Professional Sports Editor Terrance Harris gives a deep dive into what makes Collier so special.

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