In this week’s Defender

Is this America? The Killing of Black People Continues…..Managing Editor Reshonda Tate Billingsley dissects this growing issue in the “United” States and sees what experts like Howard Henderson, director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at Texas Southern University, have to say.

Voter suppression bills are sweeping the country as we speak. Assistant Editor Aswad Walker got a chance to speak with Former Harris County Clerk Chis Hollins, who fought adamantly to combat obstacles that made it difficult for people of color to vote. See what he has to say about this Republican lead mission to suppress the vote yet again.

Pamela Turner was killed by Baytown police in May 2019. Her family is seeking justice, read more about their pursuit for justice in this week’s Defender.

As more cities begin to slowly open up, Black people seem to become more optimistic about taking the Covid-19 vaccine. See how the interest among Black people has increased drastically in the Defender’s Health section.

This week Fit and Fine is featuring the beautiful and tenacious Harmony Cyrus, who believes that if you believe it you can achieve it. Learn more about Harmony online at

In Sports….Prairie View and Texas Southern haven’t played much Spring football. Pro & College Sports Editor Terrance Harris is weighing in on how this will impact the upcoming season.  And High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles takes a look at the twin bombshells at Bellaire H.S.

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