In this week’s Defender

We all love our pets, and now it’s time to celebrate our little furry friends. Black Pet Love is a real thing, people. Associate Editor Aswad Walker speaks with Houston Black pet owners to truly understand this bond between pets and people in this week’s centerfold.

The disparity studies that have come out over the years in Houston have been extremely revealing. See what Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis hopes to achieve by proposing a disparity study be done at all local colleges in the Defender.

We haven’t talked about redistricting for some time now but the ugly results of the new map are about to be on full display now that it’s soon to be election time. How diluted did the Black and Hispanic vote become as a result? Find out in this week’s Defender.

The Houston Rockets clearly don’t have the star power that they are accustomed to, but there seems to be some light at the end of this tunnel. Pro/College Sports Editor Terrance Harris digs deep into the exciting spark Jae’Sean Tate has added to the team and the wins that are coming with it.

North Shore High School junior Wide Reciever David Amador isn’t the biggest guy on the field but it can be said that he is the most productive and possibly dynamic, High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles spoke to the touchdown machine to see what makes him so special.

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