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Juneteenth is getting a lot of attention, but can you believe the birthplace of Juneteenth, Galveston, is just now recognizing this special day as a city holiday? It’s a little hard to believe, I know, but it is 100% the truth. Managing Editor ReShonda Tate explains the origins of the holiday and the real significance of Galveston acknowledging its importance.

Over the last couple of years, several Americans have been in an uproar about removing all things resemblant of America’s racist past involving slavery, including encouraging the tearing down of statues, monuments, and street names with racially insensitive undertones. Yet in Houston almost everywhere you go you are reminded that some of the largest and most respected institutions are named after blatantly racist white leaders. Associate Editor Aswad Walker takes a deep dive into the state of Houston and its racist landmarks. I think you will be very surprised by his findings.

So many people across the country are just finding out about Juneteenth, yet we’ve been celebrating it in Texas for decades. The question that comes to mind is, ‘Why is Juneteenth still relevant?’. There are some who would say it isn’t as important as you think, but Leaders from across the city of Houston adamantly disagree. See what people like Sharon Watkins Jones, Dr. Marlon Smith, Pastor Kwesi Kamau, and many others have to say about the importance of Juneteenth in this week’s Defender.

When you hear the name Dr. Virgil Woods what comes to mind-Civil Rights Leader, Icon, or Servant of the People? Well, he wears all of those hats and wears them well. The Defender was honored to sit down with Dr. Woods and pick his brain about Juneteenth, Black Lives Matter and so much more. Trust me this is not an interview you will want to miss; it’s filled with wisdom that will empower you in every sentence.  

It has been very difficult to be a Houston Texans fan with all of the off-season ups and downs that the team has encountered, but there are some bright spots that can give you a little hope. Defender Professional/ College Sports Editor Terrance Harris found one bright spot in Outside Linebacker Jonathan Greenard. See why expectations are so high for this young man in the 2021 season.

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