In this week’s Defender

A Black woman will soon be the President of Texas Southern University. Dr. Lesia L. Crumpton-Young has a big job ahead of her. Check out her credentials both from her education and work experience and let us know what you think of the selection. 

U.S. Rep Al Green is on the case putting pressure on J.P. Morgan Chase, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, to address their ugly history of owning slaves.  What will come out of this dialogue is yet to be determined but it a start.  Find out how it is going in the Defender.

Wow, those brothers and sisters flexed their political muscle when they walked out of the Texas Legislative Session. Black legislators were mad as hell about the Voter Suppression Bill and according to them “instead of focusing on the power we don’t have, let’s focus on the power we do have.”

The Defender Spotlight is shining brightly on the man of many talents- David Landry. This week the musician, bookstore owner, sneakerhead, and all-around Jack of all trades talks with the Defender on how he balances it all. Trust me, you don’t want to miss his exciting story.

Props to Tennis athlete Naomi Osaka for taking the bold step to share her challenges with mental health.  Many times, we think of our professional athletes as not human and we set them up on a pedestal.  It’s truly incredible that she has reached the level of maturity to realize when she needs a break. You have our support, Naomi! Do you think this kind of behavior should be normalized in the sports world?

High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles is introducing the new DN High School Defendie Awards, recognizing the most valuable players in Volleyball, Football, Track & Field, and Basketball.  See who they are. These athletes exceeded expectations across the board and we are so proud of all that they have accomplished. CONGRATS!

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