The National Association of Black Journalists has named April Ryan as its Journalist of the Year.

Ryan is the only black female reporter to cover urban issues from the White House and has held that position at American Urban Radio Networks since 1997.

“April Ryan is a true trailblazer and truth seeker. She’s dogged and unapologetic about her pursuit of the story,” said NABJ President Sarah Glover. “In the White House press corps circle, where too few black women have been given an opportunity to report, April has excelled and persevered in spite of the many obstacles she has confronted. Her work has risen to the top.”

“It is wonderful to be honored by such an esteemed organization,” said Ryan of the honor. “I am humbled and honored. So many of these [NABJ] journalists do important work and I am so thankful they would think of me for this honor. It has been an amazing couple of months and you guys give me some wind to say ‘keep going.’”

Ryan also spoke to the need for more black women to get involved in journalism, because “we add to the stories.”

“We all have a job to do and some of the stories we are doing wouldn’t be told if it weren’t for us,” Ryan said. “We all need to keep pressing because the First Amendment is under attack.”

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