CBS News anchor Gayle King is reportedly about to ink a new multi-million contract with CBS to lengthen her tenure as an anchor on CBS This Morning, according to Page Six.

The news comes two weeks after rumors stated that King wanted more money directly after the airing of her stirring sit down with R. Kelly and his girlfriends Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage as they discussed the singer’s sexual misconduct case and the allegations surrounding decades of sexual assault accusations.

King makes $5.5 million a year, but allegedly wanted to be paid the equivalent of her journalist colleagues over at Good Morning America.

In a recent interview The Associated Press asked King whether she would be staying at the network to which she responded, “Ooh, that’s a good question. All I can say is I really love my job. And I think it’s kind of foolish to predict the future.”

King’s negotiations have put a full stop on other staff related decisions, an insider told Page Six. King’s host Nancy O’Donnell is  allegedly in talks to move into an anchor spot on CBS Evening News to replace Jeff Glor. O’Donnell also wants to move the evening news team headquarters to Washington, D.C.

“Everything has gone very quiet. Nothing will be done until Gayle has signed her contract. It looks likely that she’s staying — but we don’t know what the holdup is,” the insider to Page Six.

While the details of her current negotiations are unknown, King is one of the strongholds on the network which has been hit with rating dips after multiple members of the CBS team were forced out over #MeToo allegations.