The Defender’s book corner features Texas author, Cynthia Freeman Gibbs and her book, Reasonable Insanity.

Defender: What’s the book about?
Cynthia Freeman Gibbs: A clinical psychologist, Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell, who appears to have a life others dream about. But, what people can’t see is that inside, Olivia is living a nightmare. A whirlwind of crazy reactions lead Olivia into the destructive impulses which may leave her in the midst of mayhem and murder.
Defender: What do you want readers to take away?
Gibbs: People who are close to you could be dealing with dark issues which can destroy their lives and those around them. The pursuit of perfection to fit molds designed by others may be what leads to mental illness, eating disorders, hating the skin they are in, self-image issues beyond repair, or revenge against those who cause them harm.
Defender: Why do you write?
Gibbs: I enjoy the discovery of how my brain can create stories which engage an audience to the point they talk about the characters as if they know them. I love seeing my characters come alive as I add depth to their personalities and make them multi-faceted.
Defender: Do you have a day job?
Gibbs: Marketing my book, book signings, book club events, managing my business as an author, and writing another best selling novel!
Defender: What’s your advice to aspiring authors?
Gibbs: Sit down in a chair and write. Take the time to network with other creative minds for inspiration by joining a writers group and attend writing workshops. Attend networking events to share your goals and to gain support from a variety of industries and organizations. Find what works for you when it comes to either writing your manuscript on a legal pad, in a journal, or typing. Pray, plan, prepare, persist, pitch, polish, publish, promote, and pray again!