Yamara Taylor, who is a writer for the hit show black-ish, will be penning the script.

Hart and Packer are frequent collaborators and their movies are always huge successes. Their latest flick, Night School, grossed about $28 million in the box office its opening weekend earlier this month. Their Think Like A Man series was a big money maker.  Think Like A Man grossed over $91 million in the U.S while its sequel grossed over $71 million.

Coparenting will be Rock’s second shot at directing. The comedy great made his directorial debut back in 2014 with Top Five.

The topic of coparenting is something Rock and Hart know all too well. Hart, and his ex-wife Torrei, have been open about their ups and downs of learning to co-parent after their divorce.

“Listen, at the end of the day, things happen. What happened was in the past, I’m so far removed from what happened years ago. I’ve done too much to get in a happy place to let anything steal my joy,” Hart told Essence.