When the news of Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal hit the news wire, more than a few people assumed that one of the women in the video was responsible for not only leaking the video but also trying to extort Hart to prevent the video from ruining his reputation and possibly his marriage.But those assumptions were entirely wrong.

Instead, the person who attempted to extort Hart was a close friend.

According to TMZJonathan Todd Jackson, the man who allegedly tried to extort Hart is being charged with extortion.  Jackson is currently facing 2 felony counts—attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter.

Jackson was attempting to gain money from Hart in return for keeping the video of him with a woman in his hotel room, a secret. The two were apparently having sex in the comedian’s Vegas hotel room.

Perhaps most interesting is the relationship Hart and Jackson shared. Jackson, who goes by the name JT, is an actor and close friend of Hart’s for more than 15 years. Jackson appeared in S.W.A.T, Naked and in Hart’s film Think Like a Man Too.

The two have posted several photos together on Instagram throughout the years. Jackson even attended Hart’s bachelor party.

Since the news has gone public, Kevin Hart tweeted cryptically about the revelation.

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