Whether you wanted it or not, a remake of Mel Gibson’s What Women Want is on the way and it’s set to star Taraji P. Henson.

According to Deadline, Henson will lead What Men Want and there is already a release date for it: January 11, 2019.

The film, produced by Will Packer and coming from Paramount will flip the original idea, which saw Mel Gibson as an alpha male ad executive who after an accident, acquires the ability to be able to hear the thoughts of women, which is a gift and a curse. For What Men Want, Henson will play a sports agent who feels like she doesn’t have the same advantages or opportunities as her male counterparts. So when she somehow acquires the ability to hear men’s thoughts (we can only imagine what those thoughts will be), she uses it as a way to get the next big NBA star on her roster.

Who wants to bet that Henson’s character will obtain her thought-hearing abilities after getting hit in the head with a basketball, baseball or some other form of hard ball (since she’s a sports agent)? I’m just saying, it seems only right.

While Packer will have his usual producing credits, Henson, along with James Lopez, will also get executive production credits for the picture. The last time Packer and Henson teamed up as producers for a project, it was for 2014’s No Good Deed, and that was a surprise hit. Let’s hope for the same success for this remake.

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