Nelly has been accused of sexual assaulted by two more women, according to an amended complaint filed by his original accuser.

While the 43-year-old rapper is currently embroiled in a court battle against accuser Monique Greene, more women have now come forward.

The first accuser, Jane Doe 1, says Nelly (real name Cornell Hanes Jr.) stuck his hand up her dress at a concert after-party in June 2016. The married mother, who lives in the UK, said she bought VIP tickets to Nelly’s show.

She and a friend wanted to take a picture with the hip-hop star. “Then because the room was crowded he suggested that they move back to another smaller VIP room, which they did,” says the recent complaint.

In a separate incident, Jane Doe 2, a mother of three, says she and friends also paid to meet Nelly backstage at a concert. She claims the rapper asked her twice to follow him into another room so that they could talk.

“Nelly closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his trousers,” the complaint reads.

The recent accusations were made public after Greene, his first accuser, filed an injunction asking a judge to legally demand Nelly from sexually assaulting other women.

The initial accusation

Monique Greene claimed that she met Nelly at a Seattle nightclub where she worked. She had been drinking, and he invited her to an after-party on his tour bus.

There, she claimed, the two of them went to his bedroom.

Greene claimed that Nelly then forced her to have oral and vaginal sex with him. She tried to deter him by pointing out that he wasn’t wearing a condom, but he had sex with her anyway.

She claimed that she screamed that she wanted to get off the bus. At that point, someone pushed her off the vehicle, to which Nelly threw $100 at her.

“Bye, bye,” he allegedly told her.

She called police, who arrested Nelly for rape, and had a rape kit performed. However, Greene declined to testify against him in October, and that has her credibility on thin ice.

Greene’s refusal to testify

After Nelly’s arrest, Greene refused to go to court to testify against him. And that refusal is part of what fueled Nelly’s legal team’s claims that she made up the rape charges for “money, fame and notoriety.”

Now, Greene is suing Nelly for defamation over the claims. She is also suing him for sexual assault.

“People are saying horrible things already,” lawyer Karen Koehler said. “She cannot handle this. She is about to break.”

On the other hand, Nelly’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, responded to the suit by telling TMZ it was “no surprise that Ms. Green filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed.”

Rosenblum also said that Nelly plans to file a countersuit against Greene.

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