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Wendy Williams Criticizes Julie Chen’s Emotional ‘The Talk’ Goodbye Speech

Julie Chen delivered an emotional “goodbye” speech to the crew of The Talkbut Wendy Williams believes there was another reason behind the tears.

Chen officially quit as co-host amid a sexual misconduct investigation into her husband, former CBS CEO Les Moonves. Williams ripped into her speech Wednesday morning.

“She started crying at the end, but in my mind those weren’t tears for the crew,” she said. “Julie Chen doesn’t care about you, you know what I’m saying. She doesn’t care about you, but I do!”

She talks about Chen starting around the 3:36 min. mark in the clip above.

“In my opinion, she wasn’t crying because of the cast and the crew and the stuff, she was crying because now she has to go back to that compound and deal with that man and try and keep her son out of it,” Williams continued.

Williams then criticized Carrie Ann Inaba’s abilities as a talk show co-host, after Chen said the guest host looked “awful good in that chair, my Asian sister.”

“For a moment, I was thinking, now why do you think you have to replace her with Carrie Ann Inaba, who’s qualified to be a judge on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but she’s not a qualified talk show host or panelist,” Williams said. “It’s not necessary to replace an Asian with another Asian.”

As noted by TooFab, Wendy then suggested that Chen had a more nefarious motive for wanting Inaba in her spot.

“I think she might have had Carrie Ann Inaba in her seat because she knows Carrie Ann Inaba is not qualified to be a talk show host,” she said, “Thus, spelling the demise. Like, if I can’t be there, let them be canceled!”