In a clip for an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil, a woman claims that she is married to Tyler Perry.

The woman, who will appear on the show during an airing next month, claims that she and Perry share a child, whom he is raising.

“I believe that Tyler Perry is raising my son,” the woman says in the clip.

But, she admitted, “I have not seen him face-to-face.”

That admission alone makes it hard to believe her claims, but we’ll just have to wait to see what Dr. Phil makes of it all.

As for Perry himself, he has not yet responded to the woman’s claims. He is a father to three-year-old Aman, the son he has with girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

We’re not quite sure what the story is here, but you can check out the clip for yourself down below.

YouTube video

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A family man

As for Perry himself, he is loving being a father to Aman and told Good Morning America last year that his son was his “healer.”

“He is my healer, because I look at myself in his eyes,” Perry told Robin Roberts. “Everything that I’m finding about growing up and the things that went wrong in my life, I get the opportunity to do them right for him. So he is my healer.”

And shortly after Aman was born in November 2014, he took to social media to celebrate the joys of family and fatherhood.

“This is the first Christmas in the past five years that I’ve been able to find joy,” Perry wrote on Facebook. “You see, my mother died December the 8th five years ago, and no amount of Christmas lights could replace the light that she was to me. But this year, in spite of myself, God gave me another light to shine in my heart right beside hers. God thank you!

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