The CityWide Beautician & Barbers Association (CWBBA) hosted its 76th Annual Scholarship Luncheon at Kim Son Restaurant. Elite professionals in Houston’s haircare industry were on hand to not only discussion the future of cosmetologists and barbers but award young, up-and-comers Kaila Jefferson and Melvin Strong III with scholarships. Event coordinators Earker Coleman and Jeanette Wright welcomed State Senator Borris Miles and Councilmember Michael Kubosh along with other attendees including Mack & Misty Bishop, Kimberly Aitch, Janice Ward, Sabrina Kimble, DeKeisha Fitzgerald, Nancy Harris, Sandra Strahan, Jose Grinan, Nicholas Howard, Schewonda Kimbrough, Stephanie Boxie, Sederia Thomas, Alycea Price and others.

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Aswad WalkerAssociate Editor

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