Op-Ed: Houston Parks and Recreation Dept tackles city's park equity
Artencia Cloud, Trevor Merritt and Mark Whittaker seen here in this July 2017 photo enjoying the Houston Parks and Recreation Department's 'Let's Play Carnival' event treating over 3,000 area youth to activities focused on fun, nature and fitness. Photo by Aswad Walker, July 2017.

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department held its Let’s Play Carnival at Sunnyside Park treating over 3,000 Summer Enrichment Program youth participants to all manner of activities. The event emphasized fun, nature and fitness, and participating children from nearly 60 community centers from across the Greater Houston Area were challenged to take part in sports stations, games, fitness obstacle courses, a shuttle run, golf skills drills, tugs-of-war, target and soccer challenges, and much more. Attendees included Tina Ortiz, Nikia Lewis, Theodesia Drummer, Artencia Cloud, Trevor Merritt, Mark Whitaker, Kalea Pete, Teayrra Phipps, Micah Ohara, Ashley Estrada, Stephanie Johnson, Andrea Morantes and more.

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