The Defender Network recently hosted the Listen & Learn: Millennial Roundtable, a select gathering of young Black professionals and a few who were simply young-at-heart, to discuss issues important to Black Millennials (individuals born between 1980 and 2004) and identify best practices for engaging, organizing and communicating with members of this generation. The discussion included everything from societal misconceptions about Millennials to their generation’s role in the empowerment of Black people, and challenges and opportunities for connecting with Generation X and Baby Boomer movers and shakers. To this end, plans were initiated to provide Millennials with greater access to more seasoned Black professionals in order to provide them with potential mentors, collaborators and resources. Defender staff attendees included Defender CEO Sonceria Messiah Jiles, Clyde Jiles, Margo Williams-Hubbard and Aswad Walker and videographer David Wall. Invited participants included Tiffany Williams, Lawrence Battle, Britney Hunter, Deric Muhammad, Shar-day Campbell, B.J. Kemp, Frank North, Jarren Small, Alexis Herron, Joe P, Shala Walker, A.J. McQueen, and Ray Shackleford.

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