Programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have helped a lot of individuals. They’ve managed to get celebrities to sponsor their programs, and Weight Watchers even convinced Oprah to buy a 10 percent stake in the company. Because life is full of so many decisions and so much chaos, when it comes to losing weight, some people just want to be told exactly what to do, at every step. Programs such as these can be very helpful if that resonates with you. But not everybody loses ten pant sizes the way the women do in the commercials, and not everybody is suited for these programs. Compared to cooking for yourself, weight loss programs can be pretty expensive, so it’s important that you know everything you can before starting one. Here are things you should know about Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and similar weight loss programs.

They’re designed for slow weight loss

These programs are designed for slow weight loss. They’re usually designed by nutritionists, and as such, are made to help you lose weight at a safe pace. They aren’t crash diets, and if you don’t have the patience to lose weight in a healthy way, they may just leave you irritated.

You may feel hungry at first

While these programs are made to give you the proper amount of food, your body may not be used to that. So healthy serving sizes could actually leave you feeling what you believe to be hunger. In reality, you just aren’t uncomfortably stuffed, the way you used to be after meals. Your body will adjust, but at first, you might think you’re hungry.

You need measuring accessories

You’ll need some kitchen accessories to successfully carry out a few of these programs. You could need measuring cups, food scales, slow cookers, and George Foreman grills. So the cost doesn’t stop at the recipes, support groups, or prepared meals.

You may need to prepare to cook

Some programs are all about taking work off of your plate, while others are about helping you learn to cook for yourself. You may need to be prepared to cook for yourself. As such, make sure you have plenty of Tupperware so you can store the meals you make for the week.


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