Malcolm X is one of our most celebrated leaders, and his name and messages are often plastered over shirts and hats for profit by many different businesses. Now, his daughters are making sure his message is being conveyed in the right way.

Malcolm X’s  seven daughters  have teamed up with the tech company Hingeto to launch a clothing line to honor their late father.   Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz, Ilyasah ShabazzQubilah Shabazz, Malikah ShabazzMalaak Shabazz and Attallah Shabazz  helped launch the  “Malcolm X Legacy” line,  which  consists of sweatshirts, athletic tees, slippers and hats donned with their father’s name,  iconic images and mantras.

“Honoring Malcolm X’s legacy via a clothing store is a dream and the most meaningful application of Hingeto’s system to date,” said Leandrew Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hingeto.

The designs are based on Malcolm X’s 12 principles of unity, justice, human rights, self-sacrifice, spirituality, self-determination, education, economic independence, self-defense, anti-racism, cultural pride, justice and restoration.

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