An investigation is underway after a man in Des Moines, IL shared a meme of Rep. Frederica Wilson that seeks help in lynching the Florida Democrat.

Police in Des Moines have handed the investigation over to the FBI, who are also working with US Capitol Police.

The suspect, Tom Keevers, says he didn’t send the meme, which depicts Wilson and reads: “Need ten good men to help carry out a lynching. Must have own horse and saddle. Rope will be provided.”

However, the post included a photo of Keever, his name, and a location stamp. Keever told the Chicago Tribune that a “meme-maker” put words into his mouth and now he and his family are being threatened.

Wilson and Donald Trump have recently butted heads over an account of Trump’s comments to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. 

Another screengrab from Keever’s profile reportedly calls Wilson a “disgusting pig” and calls for someone to “take their boot to her face.”

Keever told the Chicago Tribune that he didn’t see what the big deal was, “People threaten Donald Trump all the time and nothing happens. I don’t think a lot about what I write on Facebook.”

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