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Yelp just dropped its list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the U.S.

Yelp recently released its Top 100 US Restaurants of 2023!

And guess what?

Three Houston restaurants made the list.

Vietwich (Vietnamese Sandwiches), located in Stafford took the 15th spot. Crumbville, a Black woman-owned bakery located in the Third Ward sits at the 16th position. And Burger-Chan, an Asian-owned build your own burger joint, is 47th on the list.

The “best of” lists provide resourceful information into American culinary habits.

“To determine Yelp’s Top Places to Eat in 2023, Yelp reached out to the user community first, requesting individuals to submit favorite U.S. restaurants,” Yelp explained in a press release. “Yelp’s data science team analyzed the submissions from the community to determine the top restaurants by ratings, number of reviews and volume of submissions, with geographic representation based on equal share of submissions of top-rated restaurants nationally. Yelp further curated the list with the expertise of our Community Managers around the country to finalize the rankings.”

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter-stuffed cups Credit: Ella Russell – Facebook

Considering this is Black History Month, here are some facts about Crumbville. The bakery is owned by culinary artist Ella Russell, who is known for her delicious treats.

Formerly located just inside the Eldorado Ballroom on Elgin, but now operating just around the corner at 3409 Emancipation Ave., Crumbville, TX (the establishment’s full name) is considered to be a community hub where people can stop by, pull up a chair and chat over desserts.

Crumbville is best known for its best-selling neon-pink Cookie Minaj (strawberry-oatmeal with white chocolate chips), the vegan Oreo, and the “stuffed cup,” a plump cupcake with a cookie baked inside.

Russell’s motto is “They come for the cookies, but they stay for the conversation.”

Here is the list of the Top 100 US Restaurants of 2023.