The Texas Center for Drug Development is looking for volunteers for trials that will be underway in a couple of weeks.

The program is a joint initiative between the Texas Center for Drug Development and DM Clinical Research.

“We do want more people who are high risk, such as healthcare workers, firefighters, essential workers, people who work in grocery stores, but we do have vaccines for all different risk levels,” said Dr. Vicki Miller, of the Texas Center for Drug Development.

They want to make the pool of volunteers as diverse as possible and say Houston’s diversity is one of the reasons the area was chosen.

“In order for trials to be shown to be effective and safe in all populations, all different types of people, all genders, races need to participate,” Miller said.

They’ll be trying out several possible vaccines that have already passed the first phase of testing.

“We are very careful, we don’t want to enroll anybody who wouldn’t qualify or would not be safe,” Miller said.

To sign up, go to or call (281) 886-3753.