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COVID-19 is filling the Houston hospitals to capacity, driving the crime rate up and hitting the Black community in unprecedented ways.

In an effort to raise the awareness of the coronavirus in the community, AJ McQueen has joined forces with the Houston Defender and shared his spoken word talents to advocate taking this virus seriously.

AJ McQueen, an award-winning poet/rapper/writer, is the second artist to debut in the Defender COVID-19 campaign.

He is also the founder of Writer’s Block, a nonprofit 501c3 company that focuses on the performing arts and literacy and encourages young people to discover their potential and make an impactful change in the world as a result.

When asked why he joined the campaign, McQueen said, “I am joining this Defender campaign to offer my service, my voice, and my talent to help showcase solidarity and unity among our generation. We need to bring awareness and clarity to what is affecting our communities and our people. It is greatly important that we use our voices and our influence to protect and defend.”

Acknowledging AJ McQueen, Defender CEO and Publisher stated, “AJ has been a part of the Defender family and contributed to our Millennial Roundtable. His participation in our COVID-19 campaign is valued and means a lot in efforts to get the word out.” Like other Black businesses impacted financially by COVID-19, we are also asking the community to support us by giving a tax-deductible donation.

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To see the full campaign which includes spoken word, videos, and music

To learn more about AJ McQueen (poet, writer, rapper, and entrepreneur) go to:  or call: (281) 746-0736