This week was a bit challenging with the cancellation of some games due to the storm that came in.  However, Thursday I was able to catch Elkins as they took on Ridge Point at Hopson Field House.  Ft. bend has a clear favorite in Hightower but for 2nd place, there are many options ranging from Travis, Bush, Clements, and Elkins.  The game between Ft. Bend Elkins and Ridgepoint would further put Elkins in the 2nd place talk or take them out of it.  Elkins started the game strong on both the offensive and defensive end.  Ridgepoint kept it close but with limited guard play they struggled in getting over the hump when Elkins went on their runs.  Ridgepoint’s senior guard, Terrance Ford did not play in this match-up.  In the end, Ft. Bend Elkins would go on to win 65-48.