Thursday, I attended the movie premiere of The Woman King starring Viola Davis.  This movie was simply amazing.  If you have yet to see it or are on the fence about it, take a chance you won’t be disappointed.  It is packed with life lessons, action, comedy, and moments you can feel.  This movie was really put together well.  Friday, I attended the Cy Falls vs. Cy Lakes at Ken Pridgeon Stadium.  Cy Lakes looked strong on the first drive, but once Cy Falls settled in, there was no looking back.  The game ended with a score of 30-0.  Cy Lakes just had no answer to anything.  The offense struggled, and the defense couldn’t get many stops, basically, a coach’s nightmare.  Although Cy Falls cruised to victory in this game, there were a few times when they looked unsure of themselves as a unit as well.  Saturday I thought I’d be in for a much closer game, but Madison said no way.  Madison took on Sharpstown at Butler Stadium, and as soon as the whistle blew for kick-off, the yards began to rack up.  The new coaching staff at Sharpstown had no answer for what Madison threw their way.  Madison had several touchdowns called back but in the end, the score still read 54-0 in favor of Madison.