Thursday, I attended the Ft. Bend Austin vs. Dulles game at Edward Mercer Stadium.  Ft. Bend Austin came into this game at 2-0 while Dulles came in at 0-2.  By looking at the records one would have thought that Ft. Bend Austin would have a cakewalk to going 3-0, but Dulles wasn’t having any of that.  Dulles kept it tight on defense while limiting penalties and stuck to hard-nose running plays to inch their way to the endzone.  Ft. Bend Austin had no answer for Dulles.  Too many times Ft. Bend would be ready to make a defensive stop, but Dulles would follow up with a counter and go for extra yardage.  In the end, Dulles would defeat Ft. Bend Austin 27-16.  Dulles faces Ft. Bend Travis while Ft. Bend Austin looks to face George Ranch.

Friday, I attended the North Shore vs. Westfield game at Galena Park ISD Stadium.  This much-anticipated game drew a large crowd as the home side of the stadium was reportedly sold out.  Both teams were undefeated coming into this game, but only one would leave that way.  Westfield hoped to get on the board early by a few short passes and then look downfield, but that didn’t work.  The connection with the QB and WR just wasn’t there this game.  Some may argue it was the North Shore secondary not allowing the Westfield receivers to get open, while others would accredit it to North Shore’s speedy defensive line.  Either way, North Shore happen to figure it out before Westfield had a chance, putting up 48 points in the 1st half.  North Shore would go on to win 55-25.  This game showed that North Shore isn’t to be taken lightly and that Westfield has a few areas to improve, or they will be an early basketball season. 

Saturday, I attended the Shadow Creek vs. Bridgeland game at Cy-Fair FCU Stadium.  Shadow Creek came in 2-0 while Bridgeland came in 1-1.  This game forced Shadow Creek to dig deeper as they were going into their second game without their starting quarterback who was out due to a collar bone injury forcing him to miss 6 weeks of play.  Bridgeland gave Shadow Creek a tough fight.  Shadow Creek had to change much of what their offense looked like and Bridgeland looked like they were ready, but that look didn’t last long.  Shadow Creek’s defense stepped up when the offense seemed to struggle and didn’t let up.  In the end, Shadow Creek would go on to win 38-6.

Sunday, I attended the opening game for the Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts at NRG Stadium.  The Texans hoped to correct a lot of mistakes from last season when they went 4-13.  They started out solid and kept the momentum throughout three quarters, but the Texans.  Oh the Texans.  When needing to stick the fork in the Colts, they allow them to wiggle their way back, giving up 17 points in the 4th quarter.  Indianapolis Colts kicker misses a game-winning field goal and that forces overtime.  In overtime, the Texans just couldn’t get over the hump.  The Colts played horribly, they should have lost.  The Texans played really great early, they should have won.  Instead, it ends in a Tie 20-20.

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